Eliminate the strain from your eyes to enhance your vision

It is very essential to maintain your vision, in order to have a sharp memory.   The secret to keep your vision intact for several years is to cultivate the habit of relaxing yourself.   Your vision as well as concentration is interconnected and these two things will be affected, in the presence of strain and stress. In order to recollect things, relaxation and mental peace act as catalysts. All these factors depend greatly on one other in order to work in a proper manner.

Mental recollection exercise is an ideal option to check the condition of your eyes. This exercise calls for sustaining a visual image for as long as you can. In order to do this exercise, you need to   cover one of your eyes and look fast at a letter written on the page with the uncovered eye. Then close your eyes and retain the image of the letter in your mind as long as you can. Then try to count how many seconds the image gets retained in your mind prior to vanishing away to darkness. Make a note of this time taken. Now you can perform the same exercise for the other eye and then make a comparison of the outcome.

You can now gave some relaxation to your eyes and make a trial again. One method of relaxing your eyes   is to close the eyes and concentrate only on enjoyable thoughts and excellent memories. Permit your eyes to concentrate on the darkness and overlook all the things around you. Now open your eyes and make a trail of this exercise over again. Optimistically the outcomes vary and the image stayed for a longer time when you did it the second time. If the results did not differ, then you may be required to look for certain exercises for eye relaxation and try to do something to eliminate the strain.

It is a fact that the vision has an impact on your memory. Vision is very important to view the image. The more precise the image we see, the more will be the details that we can recollect later on. Concentrating on the optimistic events will assist in maintaining the mind in a relaxed condition and help the eyes to get rid of strain.

The ensuing exercise will assist you to get relaxed and will help to enhance your memory. Make a trial of this tonight. At night, when you are lying on the bed, concentrate on all the optimistic things that occurred throughout the day. Try to pictures the events in an elaborate manner and in a colorful way. Make a trial to picture your lunch or the apparel of the person who complimented you. Through concentrating on the affirmative things will offer clarity to your mind, get relaxation to the body, and offer you a good night sleep.

Eliminating the strain from your eyes will not only enhance your vision: it will also augment your memory power.